Elizabeth Warren Tricked Into Signing Native American Cookbook

The Brown campaign circulates video of the candidate signing "Pow Wow Chow." Courtesy of conservative talker Howie Carr sneers at Warren.

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The Scott Brown campaign is sending around a video of Elizabeth Warren autographing the "Pow Wow Chow" Native American cookbook to which she contributed recipes. The video comes via the website of Howie Carr, a Boston-area conservative talk radio host.

Carr's site refers to Warren as a "blue-eyed squaw" and says that the cookbook is important because "it marks the first time Granny 'comes out,' as it were, as an Indian, two years before she checked the box on the Penn Law School employment application form and began her meteoric rise in race-quota obsessed academia." (Warren didn't "check the box" on Penn's application form — she was listed as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory during the late '80s and early '90s. A Boston Globe story from last month quotes several people at Penn who say they were unaware of that when they hired her.)

In the video, Warren is asked if she would sign the book as she walks down the street and says "Sure, I'd be glad to." She signs it with a blue marker before apparently realizing what the book is.

The controversy over Warren's listing herself as a Native American on academic forms defined the Warren-Brown race in the spring, but has since died down, with only the Brown campaign and conservative commentators still focusing on it.