Coachella Guantanamo Theme Party Hosts "Redact" Invite

A modified invite after controversy over a Coachella party.

WASHINGTON — The magazine hosting a Guantanamo-themed party at Coachella has made a new invite with all of the information scribbled out as if it's a classified document that has had details redacted.

Flaunt Magazine, which took a beating online yesterday for its "New Guantanamo"-themed party it is throwing in conjunction with Le Baron at Coachella, sent the new invite to BuzzFeed.

The original one promised "pleasurable torture" by makeup brand Smashbox Studios. Fashion blog Refinery 29 called it "completely absurd" and "completely antithetical to the spirit of Coachella — or fun, or any sort of festival experience, whatsoever." Smashbox told New York Magazine that it is no longer involved in the party after the controversy over the invite.

On Monday, Flaunt sent BuzzFeed a statement about the party idea:

In its 15-year history, Flaunt has not shied away from controversy or provocation. We routinely cover topics of social and political contention. At our event, we intend to create an atmosphere of fun, and the spirit and theme were never intended to cause offense or harm. Guantanamo has been controversial from its inception, and that an unresolved human rights issue is again fetching headlines is, in our opinion, true to our aims as a publication. We value and respect the public's concern and are taking action.