Chuck Hagel's Defenders Circulate "Facts About Chuck Hagel" Memo

"Chuck Hagel is being misrepresented as anti-Israel and 'soft' on Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah."

The attacks on potential Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel from the right are leading his allies to launch a nascent campaign in his defense.

Foreign Policy's The Cable blog reports that Hagel's friends, shocked at what they view as unfair attacks from commentators who have accused Hagel of borderline anti-Semitic views about Israel, are sending around a memo called "Facts About Chuck Hagel" as part of what they say will be a loosely organized campaign in support of him.

The fact sheet looks to be a two-page Word document detailing Hagel's record on Israel, Iran, and a number of other topics in foreign policy. It quotes Hagel's book and a few other supporters, like former diplomat Aaron David Miller.

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