Another Problem At Conservative Conference: Whorishness

Inspired by Erick Erickson's take on the hard-partying nature of young men at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Melissa Clouthier deplores the other big problem at the right's annual gathering: "whores."

Erick Erickson was horrified with how young CPAC attendees "seem to treat it like an extension of their college days doing their best to hook up before passing out," and now another conservative blogger, Melissa Clouthier, is weighing in on how the girls at CPAC were dressed.

Women will be future leaders, too, and I was dismayed to see how many of them either looked frumpish or like two-bit whores.

First, are these young people being taught anything by their parents? I was at another service-oriented gathering of young women where the girls were in tight bandeau-skirts (you know, the kind of tube-top skirts that hookers wear on street corners?). They were sitting with their mothers. What is going on here?

Second, have women so internalized feminist dogma that they see themselves in only two ways? Butch, men-lite wannabes or 3rd wave sluts who empower themselves by screwing every available horndog man?

Clouthier acknowledges that her advice -- no cleavage, no stilettos, no short skirts, and "bend at the knee" -- "is not politically correct advice, mind you."

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