Alex Jones's Insane Post-Piers Morgan Selfie Videos

After his showdown with Piers Morgan on CNN, Jones retreated to his hotel room to make paranoid videos. CNN "looks like Hitler's bunker."

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After Alex Jones went on Piers Morgan Tonight on Monday, he retreated to his New York hotel room and made some videos for his YouTube channel accusing Mayor Michael Bloomberg of "stalking" him and sending crackheads after him.

“If something happens to us, or we’re killed by crackheads, it was the NYPD or mafia [Bloomberg] hired,” Jones said during the 12-minute monologue.

Jones made a separate video in the hotel bathroom, titled "We Are in NYC: Pray For Us."

"Bloomberg's stalking us outside," Jones said. "I'm trying to get back to Austin, Texas; pray for us, ladies and gentleman."

Jones wrapped up the series with a quick message on the plane before his flight back to Austin took off.

"We came to New York to confront Piers Morgan," Jones said. "We did the job we wanted, we put the globalists on notice."

On his radio show on Tuesday, Jones addressed the Morgan incident, giving himself an "A" for his performance.

He claimed that CNN "looks like Hitler’s bunker….torn-up carpet, feces all over the wall and on the floor in the bathroom. It’s rotting."

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View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

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