This Cat Is Going Viral For Refusing To Move From The Top Of A Busy Escalator

The cat has been giving zero fucks about whether commuters are late for a meeting since at least 2015.

Hello. Istanbul is well known for its many stray cats.

In the past couple of days, one has become particularly famous. Mainly because of her* zero-fucks-given attitude.

Turkish cats don’t have time for your bullshit.

*There's no information about the cat's gender, but let's be real: It's probably female.

The cat spends most of her time in Istanbul's Taksim Metro, usually at the top of the escalator. Where she's pretty at home.

Her gün binlerce insanın geçtiği yerde sırt üstü yatan mutlu bir kedi... Burası taksim metro istasyonunun alt katı.…

Taksim metrosunda sürekli karşılaştığım ponçik kedi.. 😍 Sevmeden geçmeyelim lütfen gerçi sevdiğindi dahi istifini b…

Although she has been spotted elsewhere:

She's in the station every day.

@aliarikan @djrholmes Taksim metro station. I see it everyday.

The cat's usually seen at the top of the escalator, although one Istanbul resident said the bookstore inside the station occasionally leaves out food for her.

I met Taksim metro cat this morning and while he/she has made a minor concession to commuters, he/she still gives n…

The Istanbul Metro service did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Taksim metro station cat poses with lunch.

When BuzzFeed News did reach an operator, they responded by saying "a cat?!" and promptly hung up the phone.

But it seems like the cat's a longtime resident. Here she is, doing her thing, back in 2015:

And she's definitely scared off at least one rival.

@kshaheen I think it’s because stray cats avoid Taksim Square because of the population of stray dogs. I’m thinking…

Do you know this cat? Please get in touch.

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