This Teen’s Video Of Her Surprising Her Dad At Work Before Prom Is So Pure

"The look on his face."

Last weekend, Twitter user Vanessa Macedo celebrated her prom.

Before heading off for the night, the 18-year-old from California took a video of her surprising her dad at work. It went very, very viral.

My dad was upset that he couldn’t see me on my prom day so I decided to surprise him..and let me just say, I love being his “güerita” 💗💗

Macedo told BuzzFeed News she and her dad are close, and that he works really hard to support her and her family, so he had to work the night of her prom.

"My sister and I had planned just a couple hours beforehand to surprise him, because she noticed that he was asking a lot about me," she explained.

"It was such an unforgettable moment for me."

"I love all the positive feedback and messages I’ve been getting back," she said.

Macedo said she was super proud of her dad. "He has always been such a hard worker and I am very blessed to have a dad like him!"

People love the video, and especially her relationship with her dad.

And here's a pic of Macedo and her dad!

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