Here's Turkmenistan's Dictator Singing His Heart Out Because Friday

The president of Turkmenistan is HAPPY.

Here's the president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov — more commonly known as the singing dictator.

When he's not riding horses or oppressing his people, he loves nothing more than to sing his heart out. Here's some more of that performance.

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So. Many. Questions.

Also, what's with the kid?

The dentist turned dictator has been in power since 2007. Here's a gold statue of himself he commissioned back in 2015:

Turkmenistan's dictator – he won the last election with 97% of the vote – has a history of breaking out in song. Here's some of his earlier work:

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The song was apparently written by the president himself, according to the site Chronicles of Turkmenistan, which published the video.

In the clip, recorded in January of this year, he's singing to oil workers ahead of his reelection in February. They are obviously delighted by his performance.

Or maybe you'd like to hear him perform live?

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Or...this one...? (No idea what's going on here.)

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So there you go. Have a nice day.

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