An Egyptian Actor Apologized After Photos Of Her In A Bikini Were Leaked Online

Rahma Hassan trended over the weekend when photographs of her in a bikini were shared online.

An Egyptian actor is being defended online after photographs of her wearing a bikini were posted by a fake Facebook account in her name.

The photos of Rahma Hassan — taken when she was on holiday, including one of her topless — were posted online July 13 and quickly went viral, trending across the country.

Hassan posted an apology the same day. She also initially uploaded the leaked photographs herself on Instagram.

"My friend Salma and I were traveling around and we took normal pictures. Salma posted them like other people do, but there was a hacker who stole the pictures that we did not publish and those are the pictures that came out just now," she said in a number of short video clips.

"I've posted the pictures so people do not get me wrong, so they do not think these pictures were taken by someone in an obscene and abusive situation."

But on July 14, she took the images off her Instagram and warned followers that there was a fake Facebook account in her name — the same account that had posted the images.

The incident provoked debate online in Egypt. Some Egyptians condemned her, with people claiming that she was naked in the pictures.

#رحمه_حسن لو دا مفهوم الحرية في وجهة نظركم ملعون ابوها دي حرية✋️

"If this is what freedom means in your opinion then to hell with it."

كنت بحبك قبل السيشن ده .. اعتقد خسرتى كتير ..👋 #رحمه_حسن

"I used to love you a lot before...I think I lost a lot."

#رحمه_حسن خسارة يارحمه مع انى بحترمك السؤال بقا لي ف الوقت دا بالذات لصالح مين ياترى خطيبك راضى عن الصور دى 😫

"A loss of his mercy, and my respect for you. One question, I wonder how your fiancé would feel about these pictures. 😫"

في مرض عند الناس اسمه تدخل في شئون وحرية وتصرفات الغير واصدار احكام عليهم ..احب اقولكم انت جزء اساسي من كل ما هو قذر ومنحط وساقط فالبلد دي #رحمه_حسن

"A disease in which people are involved in the affairs, freedom, and actions of others. I will tell you that you are a basic part of everything that is dirty, degenerate, and fallen."

But there was also support for her, and fans challenged those who were attacking the actor.

Dear Rahma, I saw your photos,the ones you took with your friend on the beach,the ones that put you in trouble. Your photos are amazing,you are beautiful,your smile is warm, you look natural and your laughs are spontaneous. It’s your body,You own it.Don’t give a sh*t. #رحمه_حسن

انا بحب رحمه حسن ؛ و هتفضل فى نظرى انسانه حره و شخصيه محترمه و ممثله موهوبة و بنت حلوة و جميله و طبيعيه و تلقائيه و دمها خفيف - سواء نزلت الصور او اتسرقت زى ما بتبرر - عادى غلطت و راجعت نفسها و حصل خير #رحمة_حسن جميله و موهوبة و اعتذرت 🙏❤

"I love Rahma Hassan. In my opinion she is a respected personality and talented actor, and a sweet, natural, and spontaneous girl. Whether the photos were downloaded or stolen as she said — they are normal. She made a mistake, checked herself, and became good so she apologized. 🙏❤"

صور رحمه حسن لطيفة وجميلة وممكن متشوفهاش لو مش عجباك وتكمل حياتك عشان هي متصورتهاش على دماغك. دا حل مناسب

"Rahma Hassan's images are so pretty. If you don't like them, you can simply not look at them and get on with your life."

There were also comparisons to Western actors posing similarly and any backlash they received.

Egyptians *sees a nude of Scarlett Johnson* OMG she is so hot. She is my celebrity crush. *sees a leaked underboob picture of rahma hassan* ya allah. Deh bent 4emal we l 3amelto dah 4armata.

As the controversy unfolded online, Hassan's name trended in Egypt and fans sent her messages of support.

Some fans thought she shouldn't have apologized.

i’m so infuriated that rahma hassan felt the need to make a video apologising over some fucking pictures. i can’t begin to imagine the amount of bullying she was subjected to that would make her apologise over something so ridiculous.

Misogyny and hypocrisy make a toxic combination. An Egyptian actress was viciously attacked for private photos of her in a bikini which were leaked on social media. Rahma Hassan Haddad should not have apologised. The arseholes trolling her are the ones who need to apologise.

ضحية جديدة للجهل والأخلاقية الزائفة والتدين المصطنع. #رحمه_حسن ممثلة جميلة ورقيقة وموهوبة ودؤوبة، وليس لأحد سلطة أن يسلبها حريتها الشخصية في فعل أي شيء أو حقها في التعبير عن نفسها بأي صورة. وهي إن أخطأت، فإن خطأها الوحيد - في تقديري- يتمثل في أنها اعتذرت عن ما لا يستحق الاعتذار.

"A new victim of ignorance, false morality, and artificial religiosity. A #رحمه_حسن beautiful, gentle, talented, and tireless actress, and no one has the authority to rob her of her personal freedom to do anything or her right to express herself in any way. If she is wrong, her only mistake — in my estimation — is that she apologized for something that is not worth apologizing."

And fans were mostly supportive of her.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Hassan for comment.

Munzer al-Awad contributed reporting to this story.

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