This Guy Climbed 460 Feet To Fake Having Sex On Top Of A Pyramid

Photographer Andreas Hvid filmed his trip to the top of a pyramid — where he pretended to have sex.

This is Andreas Hvid. He's an "urban explorer" photographer from Denmark.

On Dec. 5, he decided to climb the Great Pyramid of Giza (which is 460 feet tall) and photographed himself and a model — who has not been identified — apparently having sex at the top.

His video of the climb (in which the model's face is blurred, and which doesn't show any nudity) has been viewed nearly 3 million times.

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Despite Hvid deleting the original video and images over the weekend, they spread rapidly across social media. (And the now infamous picture is still available on his website.)

And lot of people are unhappy with Hvid.

On his Instagram and Facebook pages, people commented that it was disrespectful to the ancient monument.

A number of Egyptians pointed out the difference in reaction compared to a recent controversy when Egyptian actor Rania Youssef wore a partly sheer dress and was forced to apologize for "indecency."

Meanwhile, Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities said over the weekend that the stunt violated "public morality" and called for an investigation.

Access to the pyramids, just outside of the Egyptian capital Cairo, is closely monitored and controlled in order to try to preserve the ancient structures.

When the video and stills first appeared, authorities initially questioned if the stunt was a fake. However, as outrage grew over the weekend, antiquities minister Khaled el-Anany addressed politicians in the Egyptian parliament and called for a full investigation.

"The prosecution authorities will tell Egyptians how the two tourists were able to scale the Great Pyramid of Khufu, whether the video is real or fake, and negligent officials will be brought to justice," el-Anany said.

Hvid said he was "sad" that people were angry about the stunt.

"But I have also received a positive response from a lot of Egyptians — something I think is worth remembering," he told Ekstrabladet.

Hvid told the newspaper he had already attempted the stunt years previously, but had been stopped by the guards around the site. This time, he was better prepared and had mapped a route for himself and the model. Shortly before 10 p.m. the pair crawled under the fence around the pyramids and then made their way to the structure and climbed up.

"A euphoric feeling struck us both when we reached the top. It was the culmination of a lot of work and many chances taken," he said.

Hvid added that he didn't think it'd be likely he would return to Egypt anytime soon: "I will stay out of Egypt in the future, as I probably risk being sentenced if I go back."

So far, Hvid has not been charged with any offense. In 2016, a German teenager was arrested, and then banned from visiting for life, after he was caught scaling one of the pyramids.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Hvid for comment.

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