Turkish Weather Just Went Absolutely Batshit

Is this a sign of the inevitable apocalypse?

1. In the latest sign of the end of days, Istanbul's residents just endured ~some weather~.

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In the background, the anchor in the studio can be heard asking for her to get to a "safe location."

2. Across the city, people were amazed at what they were seeing.

A #HailStorm in Istanbul, Turkey today. (Don't worry, we saved the cat you see in the bottom right-hand corner arou… https://t.co/C6tO4SjhXN

3. Also the SIZE of the hailstones...

4. Things got a...little bit out of control.

Yol, köprü, metro filan yaptılar. Gerçi her an bir parçası kopup kafamızı koparabilir ama o kadar da olur artık

5. Okay, maybe a lot of bit.

#yağmur Ne yapsalar boş göklerden gelen bir karar var Rabbim esirgesin

6. It got so bad that this revolving door looked like a massive amount of ghosts were trying to enter this building.

7. Seriously, it was like a Michael Bay movie out there.

I was stranded in a cab in Ulus as a raging hail storm hit Istanbul. #yagmur #istanbuldayağmur

8. Just when you thought things couldn't get more jaw-dropping...

The main drag of Ortakoy in #Istanbul turned into a raging river from the severe storm. Video by @AshfaaqC… https://t.co/R50pwvqz21

9. ...They did. This video shows the moment a crane crashed into an oil tanker in the city's Haydarpaşa port, starting a huge fire.

Firefighters controlled the blaze once they arrived on the scene, Turkish newspaper Hürriyet Daily reported, and no one was reported injured in the harbor.

10. But there were acts of heroism amid the chaos.

Turkish man saves the day by saving a drowning cat during heavy storm #Istanbul #Storm #Turkey #yagmur #Hail #Storm… https://t.co/xYPPLGlZCn

11. The aftermath of the hail and rain left the streets a little bit unpassable...

More video of the flooding today in Istanbul, Turkey - near central Beşiktaş. #yağmur #Yağmurdaİstanbul

12. And public transport somewhat tricky.

Yolcular şoföre can yeleği soruyor. Kazlıçeşmedeyiz

13. A number of of buildings, including a mosque, were seriously damaged.

Happening now: Apocalyptic hail summer storm hammering Istanbul, chipping away at facades of buildings and dangerou… https://t.co/ORkG53lsXg

14. Two people were also reportedly injured when a wall in a cemetery collapsed on them.

An itibariyle Kadıköy. #kadıköy #sel #fırtına #yağmur çok acaip.

15. But, as with all things, the sun came out in the end.

After the intense summer hailstorm, a rainbow appears over the Bosphorus in Istanbul

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