This Pup Practices Fake CPR On Fallen Police Officers

"He’s wearing a little light!”

Having a bad day? This is Poncho. He's a dog with Madrid's police force.

"Heroica" actuación de nuestro #Compañerosde4Patas Poncho, que no dudó ni un instante en "salvar la vida" del agente, practicando la #RCP de una manera magistral. El perro es el único ser en el mundo que te amará más de lo que se ama a sí mismo- John Billings #Adopta

He has been in service for six years, the police force told BuzzFeed News, and is technically a bomb-sniffing dog.

The very popular video was released last week by the city's police force. In it, Poncho performs all the actions of CPR.

So an officer goes down...

And Poncho immediately is on the scene, helping to keep his human's heart moving.

CPR cannot be performed by a dog (we think).

But all the same, people LOVED Poncho and his CPR practice.

All in all: Good puppo.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Madrid's City Hall for more information about Poncho.

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