England Fans Made A Young Child Who Was Begging Down A Pint For Money

The football fans reportedly gave the young child a few coins when he drank the alcohol and offered him a cigarette.

England football fans have made a small child begging on Lille's streets down a pint in exchange for a few coins.

The Financial Times' Paris correspondent, Michael Stothard, said he witnessed the incident and tweeted an image of the child.

@sonsofmalcolm But he threw the cigarette on the ground and stamped it out. The fans looked disappointed.

Stothard told BuzzFeed News he came across two football fans in England shirts "cheering on" two young boys, one of whom was drinking a full bottle of beer outside a bar near Lille's main train station at around 8pm Wednesday.

He said that after the boy finished the beer, "one of the fans then gave him a handful of coins, perhaps a few euros in change".

"It was quite clear that they had put him up to drinking it in the first place," Stothard said.

He continued: "The same fan then gave the boy — who was stumbling around a bit — a newly lit cigarette. The boy took it but immediately threw it on the floor and stamped on it."

The whole incident happened in less than 30 seconds, and "nobody" intervened.

It comes shortly after shocking footage emerged from Lille on June 14 that appeared to show England and Wales supporters taunting and throwing money at children who were begging.

English fans are mocking at gipsy children throwing them coins

It is not the only footage of such events. Another video, aired by Ruptly, also showed another group of tourists appearing to mock children begging. The men were filmed tossing coins at the children.

Many have expressed their disgust.

The England fans throwing coins at migrant kids make me ashamed to be english

Others also asked whether the photograph was real.

England fans have been seriously criticised for their conduct during the Euro 2016 tournament, hosted by France.

At least 36 people have been arrested following violent clashes between English fans and French police on Wednesday. Police in Lille, one of the cities hosting large numbers of English fans, used tear gas in an attempt to disperse the crowds.

The Football Association (FA) has urged English fans to show restraint after UEFA threatened to disqualify the England team following "totally unacceptable" rioting between England and Russia fans Saturday night.

England are due to play Wales at 2 p.m. GMT in Lens, a smaller town near Lille.

English And Russian Soccer Fans Clash In Euro 2016 Riots In France

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