A Cat Made A Surprise Appearance At A Fashion Show And People Love It

"Kitty didn't care."

Istanbul is well known for its cats.

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The latest star is this cat, who decided to take part in an annual fashion show organized by Vakko Esmod, a fashion school in Istanbul.

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Göksen Hakkı Ali, a designer watching the show, took a video of the moment. It has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

"The cat randomly walked in," a spokesperson for Vakko Esmod told BuzzFeed News. "We have many cats in our school’s garden, and in our company. This one suddenly decided to visit us. He preferred to walk [and] sit on the stage."

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"[The] designers and all of us were of course very happy," they said, but confirmed they didn't have a name for the animal and that after his star turn the cat had disappeared back into Istanbul.

The spokesperson continued that reaction to the cat's moment of fame had been overwhelmingly positive. "People thanked us for not interferring or removing him from the stage.

"Turns out people from all over the world already knew about the hospitality of cats in Istanbul!"

"It was funny, and everybody laughed," Merwe Mj, 29-year-old who was at the show, told BuzzFeed News. "The kitty didn't care."

People love the images — and video — from the show.

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Mainly because the cat seems to absolutely not care.

Vakkoesmodistanbul / Instagram / Via Instagram: @vakkoesmodistanbul

Cat at fashion show: publicly licks its bottom, tries to rip model’s clothes, then actually catwalks the catwalk. Best cat ever. https://t.co/vVtMU5Rk2u

Best. Fashion. Show. Ever. 🐈😸😽 #cat #catwalk #literally #Vakko #Esmod #Istanbul @VAKKO_ESMOD

And most people pointed out that *of course* this happened in Istanbul.

there is nowhere cats are not permitted in turkey

All hail the fashion world's newest star.

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