This Is What It Was Like In The Aftermath Of The Alleged Chemical Attack In Syria

Warning: This post contains graphic images and videos.

A suspected chemical attack over the weekend killed at least 40 people in Douma, Syria, a rebel-held town near Damascus, according to local media and activists on the ground.

An activist in Douma communicating with BuzzFeed News over WhatsApp in both Arabic and English described the “terrifying” sight.

"When we came to the building, we found the children, women, and men who had died and had signs of suffocation," said Humam. Here's a wire agency image of the outside of building he entered:

In videos widely shared by activists and journalists, first responders can barely move through the building Humam was in because of the number of bodies on the ground.

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“Their skin was blue, there was a foamy liquid outside their mouths, their eyes were fixed, and we also saw some families trying to get to the lower floors of the building from the upper floors to escape the smell,” Humam said.

“They didn’t know they were heading for death,” Humam said, because the bomb had fallen into the bottom floor of the building.

When he was inside the building, Humam kept thinking how it was his “duty to tell the world about what happened to these children.”

In a short clip, seen by BuzzFeed News, Hamam says he spoke to this man, whose family was killed inside the house.

"I have no words to describe the feelings of that father," Hamam told BuzzFeed News. "The words of the father of a girl who died were very upsetting. They made me cry."

Munzer al-Awad contributed to this report.

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