This Is How The Internet Reacted To Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Being Shut Down

The US president's social media account was down for 11 minutes Thursday night after an employee deleted the account on his last day.

The president of the United States likes using Twitter. He uses the social media platform. A lot.

On Thursday night an unknown Twitter employee decided on their last day to shut down the account.

The company apologized, reactivated the account after 11 minutes, and blamed "human error" for the incident.

You say “human error,” I say “due for a promotion"

To say that people reacted, would understatement.

To the twitter employee that deleted tr*mps account:

Twitter deleted Donald Trump’s Twitter account

@TwitterGov @realDonaldTrump Trump's twitter account was shut down. Those few precious minutes was like when Andy p…

video footage emerges of the twitter employee who deleted Trump's account

The employee set new goals for last day.

That twitter employee left work today like

leaving your job at twitter after deleting trump's account like

We go live to the Twitter employee that 86'ed Trump's account on his/her last day on the job....

Actual video of that Twitter employee before walking out

Someone out there is about to put "deleted Donald Trump's twitter account" on their resume...

It reminded people of a happier, simpler time.

Trump's Twitter deactivated for 11 min, and I suddenly thought I'd jumped back into the real timeline where things aren't so damned absurd.

I guess that maybe explains the weird eleven minutes earlier where I suddenly didn't feel the crushing inevitability of oblivion

Although who was the ex-employee?

First picture emerges of rogue employee deleting Trump's Twitter account

Basically, a lot of people on the internet were big fans of the ex-employee.

@shannonmstirone @RogueNASA Me had I watched that employee stroll out.

Just gonna say it, the employee at Twitter who shut off Trump's account for 11 mins could become a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dear Rogue Twitter employee who briefly shut down Trump’s Twitter account, the world has a message for you...

Twitter: Rogue employee deactivated Trump’s Twitter account on their last day. The World: #r4today

human error.....welcome to the resistance

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