A Woman Was Filmed Moments Before Her Death Naming Her Alleged Killer After She Was Shot For Refusing To Marry Him

Asma Rani was shot three times outside her home in Kohat, northern Pakistan. Her family believe she named her attacker moments before her death and are demanding justice.

Asma Rani, third-year medical student, was shot last week, after refusing a marriage proposal. In the moments before her death, she was filmed naming her alleged attacker.

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The Abbotabad Ayub Medical College student was shot three times in her hometown of Kohat, northern Pakistan, on Jan. 27, a local police station spokesperson confirmed.

She was accosted by two men who, according to Geo TV, were waiting outside her home. Rani was shot after she stepped out of a rickshaw with her sister-in-law.

After the shooting, Rani was rushed to the hospital where she died of her injuries a day later.

Geo TV / Via geo.tv

Family members alleged that Mujahid Afridi, accompanied by his brother Sadiqullah, was responsible for Rani's death. They told Pakistan Today that Afridi — who wanted to marry Rani — had issued threats against her in the past. Afridi is reported to be the nephew of Aftab Alam, the district president of Pakistani political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Alam said Sunday that there would be "no special favors," and that "the villains behind this will be apprehended soon enough."

Local police began conducting raids on nearby properties and issued a warrant for the detention of the two men.


Police confirmed that Afridi had boarded a flight to Saudi Arabia at 9 p.m. on the day Rani was attacked. “We have issued a red warrant and the process of his extradition from Saudi Arabia through Interpol has begun,” a spokesperson said.

Police have apprehended his brother Sadiqullah, who remains in custody.

The day after Rani's death, a video of her went viral on social media. Warning: The video is graphic.

مردان کی معصوم اسماء کے بعد کوہاٹ کی اسماء کے ساتھ بھی زیادتی ہوئی خان صاحب آپ بیشک زینب اور نقیب کے گھر تعزیت کرنے… https://t.co/S9VDKhtYqw

In the video, which according to local media was taken shortly before she died, Asma is heard saying, "Mujahid Afridi, Mujahid Afridi."

The video inspired hashtags such as #JusticeForAsmaRani or #JusticeForRani, which started trending on Twitter.

Justice must be surved to the innocent medical student of AIMC, who has been murdered by nephew of a position holde… https://t.co/DMgT3VHq8Z

Okay, so now you’re killed because you say no to a marriage proposal? Wah banday teri Anah ko Salam. I’m actually a… https://t.co/mJ9kbaal77

People also compared Rani's story to one from last year: the killing of Hina Shahnawaz, an NGO worker, who police suggested was murdered for refusing a marriage proposal.

Appalling! 2 young girls shot dead in Kohat on refusing marriage proposal. Hina Shahnawaz was murdered last year &… https://t.co/rHDlrj2MVi

They also blamed the authorities, tweeting that the alleged attacker's links to a prominent local political figure may have sheltered him.

She clearly mentioned the name of the killer before leaving this cruel world, Her class fellow just called me and… https://t.co/o0MUNrdISg

There were also references to Zainab Asari, the 7-year-old girl brutally murdered in Pakistan last month.

The PTI guy who killed an innocent girl over refusal to marry him has flown to Dubai. And I'm wondering where all P… https://t.co/wgSEP9ga7V

"They have not caught the criminals," Rani's father told Geo TV. "I am a poor man but will come out onto the streets and protest."



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