9 Silly Fads That Lasted Longer Than The French President's Popularity

Plus ça change.

Three months ago this week, Emmanuel Macron was elected as French president, defeating Marine Le Pen and cinching victory on a groundswell of celebration (and relief).

In the first couple of weeks of his presidency, he enjoyed a 62% approval rating, according to an IFOP poll. However, his popularity has recently taken a tumble, and he's now at 36%, according to the most recent YouGov polling. In the past month alone, he's dropped 10 points in the polls. Only Jacques Chirac faced a steeper loss of support from the French so soon into his term, according to the New York Times.

As French outlets dissect his loss in popularity and he faces a summer of further losses in the polls, here are some fads that put his brief moment in the sun into perspective.

1. Fidget spinners appeared on the scene just before Macron was elected — and unlike him, the public seems still just as crazy about them.

2. Like Macron's election, few anticipated Pokémon Go's success. Unlike Macron, the online game's popularity endured through an entire summer.

J'ai battu la ligue Pokémon https://t.co/4VLaEHEvno

3. People still love SpongeBob memes...

4. The Chainsmokers song "Closer" was at No. 2 on the US charts for longer than Macron's popularity among the French.

5. The Cinnamon Challenge.

6. Selfie sticks. Still useful and used.

7. Rainbow bagels: delicious and decidedly un-French. People *loved* them for months.

8. Wheelies

The shoes – mostly popularized by the US brand Heely's – have remained popular among kids, but declined from the bonkers period a few years ago when they were *everywhere*, including on adults. Thank god.

9. And hoverboards. Once beloved and omnipresent, now, not so much...

Well. That honeymoon period was pleasant while it lasted.

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