People Are Mad They Missed The Nevada Caucuses Because They Had To Work

Work schedules and long lines kept some voters from helping to choose a candidate.

Not every voter was able to make it to the Nevada caucuses that began on Saturday morning and instead were stuck at work.

The Nevada caucuses have strict time constraints for voters to participate. Check in began at 11 a.m. PT and voters had to be in line by 12 p.m. PT in order to caucus. Many people's work schedules prevented them from participating.

@HillaryClinton my job wont approve changing my scheduled days off so i can go caucus tomorrow. What kind of America is this? #Nevadacaucus

The fact that I can't caucus cause I have to work is some BS 😑🙃

Ricky Acero was hoping to caucus for Bernie Sanders, but the 22-year-old graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, had to go to work. He does construction projects to pay off $18,000 in student loans.

@BernieSanders wishing I was at the caucus but gotta work to pay my school dept because there ain't no free education #AmericaTogether

"I'm pretty disappointed," Acero told BuzzFeed News. "I really wanted to wanted to get my voice out there."

He said he supports Sanders for his positions on education and because of his idealism.

In Nevada, employers must schedule workers so they have time to vote. But it wasn't always enough due to the crowded caucus sites.

@hardball_chris Feeling disenfranchised right now. My caucus site was so unorganized and packed I had to leave to get ready for work!


#NVDemsCaucus Huge surprise, the caucus sights aren't prepared for the long lines, 1st timers. Going to take too long. Workers have to work!

Some used Twitter to get others to caucus in their place, hoping to still find a way to express their vote for the next Democratic presidential nominee.

I can't #Nevadacaucus on Saturday because I have to work. Please RT if you'll caucus in my place for @HillaryforNV Thanks!

#Nevada I will not be a able to caucus for my candidate @BernieSanders sat due to work. So please go out if you can. Please get it done.

Hillary Clinton ultimately defeated Bernie Sanders in the caucus, strengthening her position heading into South Carolina’s Democratic primary.

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