America Ferrera Said She Wants To Netflix And Chill With Hillary Clinton

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Hours before the Nevada caucuses began, America Ferrera addressed a rally of Hillary Clinton supporters on Friday night in Las Vegas, telling them just how much she supported the Democratic candidate.

"I'd just like to Netflix and chill with Hillary," Ferrera told audiences, according to ABC News. "I have a strong feeling we'd be BFFs if you just gave me a chance."

But some wondered if the Ugly Betty star really knew what she was describing.

Another 30-ish millennial, America Ferrera thinks "Netflix & chill" means what I thought it meant for far too long.

i really did not think america ferrera was too old to know what netflix and chill really meant but here we are

"I would really like to Netflix and Chill with Hillary," says America Ferrera. Not sure she understands what that means...


That's okay, America. We'd Netflix and Chill with you anytime.

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