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This Boy Was Forced To Leave School Due To His Giant Hands And His Family Are Desperate For Help

“The teacher says other kids are scared of my hands."

Posted on August 20, 2014, at 5:35 a.m. ET

Indian schoolboy Mohammad Kaleem is no longer able to go school because he was being bullied over his giant deformed hands.

Barcroft Media / Landov

Doctors have been unable to diagnose the rare condition, but it is thought the 8-year-old may be suffering from either lymphangioma or hamartoma.

His parents reportedly only earn £15 a month, and are desperately searching for someone to help their son.

Kaleem’s hands now weigh 8kg each, and measure 13 inches from the end of his middle fingers to the bottom of his palms.

Barcroft Media / Landov

There are concerns that if they continue to grow they could put significant pressure on his heart.

He is quoted in The Sun as saying: “The teacher says other kids are scared of my hands.

“When I used to go to school, many of them would say, ‘Let’s beat up the kid with the large hands.’"

His father, Shamim, claimed the school had told him it would not be responsible if other children mocked or bulled Kaleem.

According to The Sun, Shamim said money had been so tight in the family that his wife has sometimes been forced to beg for money.

The paper quotes the 45-year-old as saying: "I blame myself. I have two children but I am so poor that I cannot even take care of their upbringing."

Despite revealing he finds it difficult to get dressed, Kaleem said he didn’t want doctors to operate on his hands.

Barcroft Media / Landov

“They would have to make me unconscious and then they will cut me open," he said. "I have no problem if they could do it without an injection."