These Two Priests Engaging In A Brilliant Dance-Off Will Keep You Smiling All Day

Check out some tap v Irish dance action here.

A video of two priests engaging in a dance battle has gone viral six months after it was first uploaded.

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The Associated Press said the clip shows Reverend David Rider, from Hyde Park, New York and Reverend John Gibson, from Milwaukee, entertaining the crowd at a fundraising event at the Pontifical North American College, in Rome.

In it Rider, 29, initially starts entertaining those present with his nimble footwork.

And then Gibson, 28, climbs onto the stage to show off his impressive skills as well.

The pair then engage in an highly-entertaining dance-off.

The footage was recorded by journalist Joan Lewsi.

Originally uploaded to YouTube on April 30, the video is only now starting to spread across the internet.

The Associated Press reported some viewers had criticised the priests for dancing in front of a picture of Pope Francis and a crucifix.

To which Rider responded: “We would refer them to the Bible, where the Lord tells us to live with joy."