Pioneering Surgery Allows Man Who Had His Spinal Nerves Severed In A Knife Attack To Walk Again

Darek Fidyka is the first person ever to recover from having his spinal cord sliced in half.

A 38-year-old man from Bulgaria who was paralysed from the chest down following a knife attack is walking again thanks to pioneering surgery.

Fidyka can now walk with the help of a frame, and has recovered sensation in his lower limbs.

The patient is now able to move around the hips and on the left side he's experienced considerable recovery of the leg muscles.He can get around with a walker and he's been able to resume much of his original life, including driving a car.He's not dancing, but he's absolutely delighted.

Fidyka's story is featured in a Panorama programme on BBC One tonight.

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The research and procedure was documented in Cell Transplantation: The Regenerative Medicine Journal.

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