Should "TheFacebook" Be Allowed On Your Campus?

In 2004, students at Brandeis University had a lively debate about privacy, security and other issues with Facebook. And also talked about ConnectU!

Remember when Facebook was "TheFacebook" and it was only on college campuses? No? Let's travel back in time to 2004, when some Brandeis University students were debating the pros and cons of letting them on campus. Turns out there were security concerns even then.


But already, some were sounding the alarm about security features. (Also defending Brandeis' network, a point of pride for all college students.)

But people don't really care about all that: they just want to message their friends.

Still, though, the debate rages. Why get on Facebook when you can use Orkut?

Then someone chimed in from ground zero, Harvard campus, whose data network was "primitive" and whose online security is weak.

But there is not stopping the inevitable. is coming.

But Brandeis' Cassandra, Rich, gave one final push to warn fellow students about the privacy dangers of "Mark isn't evil," he wrote, "just not competent to run a site like this."

H/T to Kevin Montgomery.

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