How To Register To Vote Online (And Off)

It's National Voter Registration Day! Let's get service-y.

Ok so you want to register to vote. I do, too. And I'm not going to lie — even with a plethora of online tools, I found many aspects of the process confusing. Depending on your level of comfort with Facebook-based apps versus appetite for poorly-designed government websites, there are different ways to go. Here are some options.

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Do you want Facebook to help you? Go here.

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Do you want Starbucks on Facebook to help you?

Do you want to be led through all the steps at a fairly (although not completely) easy-to-use National Voting Registry website? A similar step-by-step guide at Rock the Vote (old school!). There's also TurboVote. All offer nicer user experience (sorry) than the government but can also feel a bit opaque.

Another easy to use tool is over at Our Time.

Do you live in a state where you can register online? That would be Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana,Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Utah.

In Washington state, you can register with a Facebook app.

If you live in North Dakota, you don't have to register at all. Go to the polls with a state-issued ID or piece of mail.

For all other states, check out this list for offline registration.

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And to register absentee, check out this guide. So no excuses now. Registering to vote is still sort of a pain in the ass, but it could be worse — like, say, not being able to vote at all.

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