This Rescue Dog Made So Many Mistakes On This Agility Course And He Looked So Happy The Whole Time

"So much better than when it's done right."

This is Olly trying his best at the Rescue Dog Agility Course at Crufts, a dog show in the UK, on Friday.

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Crufts 2017 / Via

This is how the doggo began the competition.


But guess what?

The little Jack Russell did not seem to give a fuck.

He looked like he was having a really great time going rogue.

At one point, he stuck his nose in the corner of the course.

He was a very, very...

...good boy.

A spokeswoman for Crufts told BuzzFeed News that Olly did NOT win any awards.

But he definitely won hearts. "So much better than when it's done right!" this fan said.

"Insane majesty."

For anyone who missed Olly the Jack Russell at Crufts behold this adorable rescue dog's insane majesty:…

A highlight of this person's year.

You're the best, Olly.

You did it!

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