People Are Divided Over Whether The Women's March Should Accept Those Against Abortion

It was reported earlier Monday that an anti-abortion rights group was given partnership status, which the organizers called an "error."

The question of whether people who are anti-abortion rights should participate in the upcoming Women’s March set off a fierce debate on Monday, sparked by a report in the Atlantic that march organizers granted a Texas group called New Wave Feminists partnership status.

UNACCEPTABLE that the Women's March is including anti-abortion groups. Safe abortion is a human right; you can't be a feminist & oppose it.

The Women's March is scheduled for Jan. 21, the day after Donald Trump's inauguration. Over 200,000 people say they are attending on the event's Facebook page. More bus permits have been requested for the march than for the inauguration.

Hours after the report was published, the Women's March tweeted that the partnership was an apparent "error."

Organizers did not immediately respond for comment, but Bob Bland, one of the co-chairs for the march, told BuzzFeed News in December: "We are pro-choice, but the the right to choose includes the right to be pro-life."

The march also tweeted a link to its platform, which reads in part, “We believe in reproductive rights" and “open access to safe, legal, affordable abortion and birth control for all people.”

A woman's right to make choices about what's best for her and her body is central to our platform. Read more:

Many women grew upset after hearing about the reported partnership.

Wow. @womensmarch is partnering with New Wave Feminists, an anti-abortion organization. That's embarrassing and actually nauseating.

Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay commented.

Intersectional feminism does not include a pro-life agenda. That's not how it works! The right to choose is a fundamental part of feminism.

And this Guardian writer argued that the group shouldn't be included. "Abortion access is central" she said, to which many women responded negatively.

We need to stop the myth that feminism is simply 'anything a woman does.' Feminism is a movement for justice - abortion access is central.

@AmyOtto8 @JessicaValenti Abortion is central? This is why I'm a woman and hate feminists. You disgust me.

Others debated that this sort of reaction alienates them.

.@JessicaValenti @womensmarch How do pro-life women Harm you? Hypocrisy: Inclusivity is only allowed if people agree w/your POV. EXclusivity

@JessicaValenti @womensmarch Apparently it's not about 'inclusivity.' Inclusivity is officially exclusive.

@womensmarch you should be ashamed. Your Pro Zero because if you were really For Women you'd welcome every opinion and debate with respect.

@womensmarch so what we hear is: "all are not welcome". B/c my voice as #prolife #feminist woman matters. I am anti-violence for ALL humans.

Others called for a united front.

@JessicaValenti @womensmarch Trump is harmful to all women.

@womensmarch Let's not let this do to us what we women do so well: attack each other. Don't get distracted; stand together 4 women's rights.

This person argued that pro-life women want to help women too.

@JessicaValenti @womensmarch We want to help women too. Just not at the cost of unborn lives. 👍🏻

Others said the opposite.

Casual reminder that if you are "pro-life" you are not pro-woman.

Also, you cannot be any kind of feminist and be anti-abortion. You cannot.

And some said that the statement from the Women's March was going to alienate participants.

@womensmarch @MichaelSkolnik I wish this event could be inclusive of all women of every religion,by taking a stand on abortion you alienate

While others thanked the group for its statement.

@womensmarch thank you!! now I can march proudly. Happy to see you guys be so responsive to this. ❤

Blake Montgomery contributed to this report.

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