People Are Freaking Out Over These Best Friends Who Faked A Proposal At A Fancy Restaurant

"We just had to act like a couple the entire time."

This is Cati Domitrovich, 19, with her best friend Alex Nagle, 17. They're from Texas.

And this happened. "We faked a proposal just to get free dessert," Domitrovich tweeted.

we faked a proposal just to get free dessert

"We just had to act like a couple the entire time," Domitrovich said.

When she went to the bathroom, Nagle told the server that he was going to propose. He asked her to take photos.

Domitrovich said that the restaurant was convinced. "Everyone believed us and everyone clapped," she said.

Which makes sense, because...oh.


God. She said yes!

So many people said the fake proposal was "iconic."

@bathemeinnudes are yall dating?? this is iconic

When one person said the fake proposal wasn't worth the size of the dessert, someone responded in STRONG disagreement.

@DatMichCray @bathemeinnudes free food is worth a thousand proposals

And this person was inspired.

@yulissabec @bathemeinnudes 📄✍🏽 takin notes, we r so doing this next time we go out

Domitrovich said the free dessert was "really good."

Her fake fiancé, Nagle, called the whole proposal "really fun."

"We’re thinking about doing it other places too," said Domitrovich. But she mentioned that she's worried Texas restaurants might be on notice.

Congrats to the fake — but happy — couple!

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