Dove Created These Body Washes To Celebrate Body Diversity And It Seriously Backfired

"Dove, I have arms please advise."

Dove created these limited-edition body washes for ~diversity~ purposes in a UK ad campaign.

"Our six exclusive bottle designs represent this diversity: just like women, we wanted to show that our iconic bottle can come in all shapes and sizes, too."

There's also video. Here's an ad that was published in late April.

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A lot of people reacted to the campaign on Monday. They weren't really into it.

One person pointed out something about the ~diversity~ spin.

Ok but Dove's diversity bottles are all still white

But why are all of the bottles still white NOT WOKE ENOUGH, CAPITALISM

Some people felt really left out of the campaign.

What about those of us with a big hole inside, @Dove? Where is our body wash?

.@dove I have arms please advise

Lots and lots of people trolled it.

.@Dove matches its new body wash bottles to your body type

This person had a question.

@FastCompany @Dove So if CVS is out of "skinny bitch" bottles am I not going to be able to get clean? Not sure how this works.

"Can I die?" asked this person.

What happens if you use the wrong @Dove bottle shape for your body type? Will the soap not fit me? Can I die?


which dove bottle slash hercules cartoon muse are you!!!

Someone else was just looking for function.

@FastCompany @Dove I thought this was an urban legend. How about @Dove turning the bottles upside down so that all…

Not everyone was against the bottles. This guy was down.

What a great way to bring to life an inspiring brand message through the product form itself! #dove

But a lot of people are pretty over the whole shtick.

At this point, it's like Dove following you around the store saying "Other people call you fat. Not me! Other peopl…


Dove did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.

"I just want to wash, man."

I just want to wash, man. Why does everything gotta be so damn difficult?

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