The Walmart Yodeling Kid Everyone Is In Love With Said That He's Performed In Walmart "Like 50,000 Times"

Mason, who is from a small town in Illinois, said that he often sings in Walmart, "because that's the only store we've got."

ICYMI: Mason Ramsey, an 11-year-old boy from a small town called Golconda in Illinois, became a meme after a clip of him covering "Lovesick Blues" by Hank Williams in a Walmart went insanely viral.

Me: which aisle can i find light bulbs? Walmart employee:

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Everyone is pretty obsessed with his yodeling. He has stans.

Me: I hate country Walmart yodel boy: sweet daaaAaaAaady such a beautiful dream Me:

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Millie Bobby Brown has embraced his work.

millie bobby brown from "stranger things" dancing to a remix of the yodeling walmart boy may have broken me

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Mason, as predicted, recently sat down with Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen rushing to try and find the Walmart yodeling kid

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Mason, who described himself as a "country boy," said that his grandfather also yodels but he isn't good at it. Mason said often sings at Walmart, "because that's the only store we've got." The tween said he has performed at the store "like 50,000 times."

When asked by DeGeneres what he'll do if his dream of becoming a famous country singer is realized, Mason responded: "Well, I'm going to save up all that money, and I'm going to go to college, and then I'm going to move to Florida and I'm going to work my way up in a motor home."

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The Ellen Show

At the end of the show, DeGeneres announced that Mason will be performing at the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday, making a dream of his come true. He seemed pretty excited and emotional about the surprise.

Mason will also be performing at a "huge concert" at his local Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois. The corporation is giving him a $15,000 college scholarship.

Best of luck, Mason!

@TheEllenShow Mason: she’ll do me, she’ll do you, she’s got that kinda lovin Me: lord I love to hear her when she calls me sweet dAaAaady

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