People Have A Lot Of Jokes About The Washington Post's New Slogan

"Cash democracy ousside."

The Washington Post's digital banner now reads "Democracy dies in darkness."

The change comes after a spokeswoman for WaPo, Kris Coratti, told CNN that the "value statement" was going to appear on more of the news company's platforms.

The slogan first appeared on WaPo's Snapchat.

People had a lot of jokes about the change.

Everyone's saying the new Washington Post tagline is really dark, but I find it sort of optimistic actually.

Some were fans of the slogan. This guy wrote that he loved "the new goth vibe."

Loving the new goth vibe on @washingtonpost

One person speculated that it was evidence of a phase.

Still helplessly giggling over the Washington Post going through its goth phase

Of course people offered alternative mastheads, many of which were "pretty dark."

wow, the washington post’s new slogan is pretty dark

Woah check out the Washington Post's new slogan.

BREAKING: Washington Post unveils it latest masthead.


Emo band lyrics replaced "Democracy dies in darkness."

And the infamous emo hairstyle was added. has a new slogan

So, what's next for the news company? This person offered a prediction.

Next move for Washington Post: multiple piercings, eyeliner, unironically shopping at Hot Topic

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