Salt Bae Fulfilled His Civic Duty And Wow It Was Exactly What You Would Expect

Spoiler alert: it was extra.

On Sunday, Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe — aka Salt Bae — voted in the country's constitutional referendum. It was very on-brand.

ICYMI Salt Bae became a meme after the internet fell in love with the way the chef salts and handles his meat.

Adding a little Caucasian to your cv before sending it off

Of course, people had some thoughts about Salt Bae's ballot sprinkle.

Nusret Gokce, Turkish social media star, casts his vote in Turkey constitutional referendum with typical flair

One person highlighted an onlooker's reaction.

"The man behind him is all of us."

The man behind him is all of us

One person wondered if he added anything special to the ballot box.

@borzou But did he sprinkle the ballot box with salt and barbecue it?

"#votebae," someone else responded.

Wow, making every dang thing extra.

tfw you're voting in a referendum but you want it to be *~ extra ~*

This person speculated about Salt Bae signing other things.

He has nine kids. Imagine waiting on this guy to sign your permission slip and hand it back to you.

And someone else guessed how Salt Bae voted.

Gökçe has not said how he voted. "We have voted like everyone else and we're also posing," the chef told Ihlas News Agency.

"I know nothing about politics," he said. "I just did my civic duty. I won't say anything, it's all up to everyone's own conscience."

Voting will never be the same.

May we all feel this way when we vote

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