People Are So Emotional Because This Dog Is Treating These Stuffed Animals Like They're Her Puppies

"Why do bad things happen to good dogs?"

Meet Twinkle, a little star. She lives in California.

But then, Hernandez's mom gave Twinkle three little stuffed animals.

"[She] thought it would comfort her," he said.

Luckily, the fuzzy companions have made her happier. Hernandez said that she's treating them like they're her puppies.

When the teen shared photos of Twinkle with her three stuffed animals on Twitter, it made people so emotional.

so my dog was pregnant and she lost all 3 of her puppies so my mom bought her these toys and she thinks they're her…

They were absolutely a thousand percent not okay.

Totally in tears.

@xXxavierH21 Actually in tears 😰😰@HayleyEstelle

And broken.

@ebonytheartist @xXxavierH21 her sad wittle face literally breaks me into pieces😢

Well my heart just broke

I guess 2017 is canceled.

my whole year is ruined

The big question.

why do bad things happen to good dogs :(

Twinkle, little star, we hope you feel better soon!

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