A Toy Called "Yellies!" Moves Faster When Kids Yell At It. Parents Are In Love With It!

"I've been looking for something to make my kids play louder!"

"The louder you yell, the faster they go!" the Hasbro website reads about its toy spiders called "Yellies!"

These small, furry toys move faster or slower, depending on noise level, which many parents say is exactly what they did NOT need for their kids.

#WhatTheYell? Yellies! are the new spider toys from Hasbro your kid won’t be able to stop screaming at (available October 1): https://t.co/oooaXVSHa6 @romper

Parents are dragging them in reviews on multiple platforms, with one person titling her review of the toy "Chaos."

Writing on Amazon under the name "Tish," the parent wrote that "Yellies!" were perfect, given that her children are "so well behaved."

"I've been looking for something to make my kids play louder!" wrote the grateful mother, concluding her comments, "Great invention guys!"


Someone else inquired about whether or not a "headache medicine" was included with the "Yellies!" purchase.

These people thought that the little spiders are the perfect gift for the children of parents you hate.


Five stars!

"All parents will appreciate a gift that requires screaming," someone else said of the toy.

The review was titled "Great present for someone else."

Someone else wondered about the person who invented the toy, and said that it was likely developed by a person "who hates parents."

Whoever invented this “Yellies” toy is obviously a sadistic asshole who hates parents. “I know! I’ll invent a toy whose sole purpose to make children scream super loud! How could that possibly not suck?”

"I'd like this game's creator and the lead executives at Hasbro arrested immediately for disturbing the peace," said a "relatively new parent" about the toy.

@TedNesi as a relatively new parent, I'd like this game's creator and the lead executives at Hasbro arrested immediately for disturbing the peace

In a hugely viral Facebook post from last month, one parent detailed what she called a "massive mom fail." She said her son, Leo, was absolutely terrified of the toy and that his screams only made the situation worse.

Recalling the incident, the mom wrote, "the louder he screams, the faster the spider pursued him."

She shared a photo of her son, crying in the background, behind the small, fuzzy spider.

Concluding the post, she wrote: "Maybe a little electronic spider that's power source feeds off of screams of terror... is not the best Christmas gift for your small child."

"10 years from now we’ll be discussing this in therapy." she added. BuzzFeed News has reached out to the mom for comment.

While the above mom regretted the terror the toy caused her child, another mom seemed to delight in her 3-year-old being "terrified" of the spider. The review was titled: "A terrifyingly loud good time."

"His screams of terror drives the toy crazy which makes his screams even crazier," the mom wrote of her son's reaction to the toy.

"It's a cycle of chaos that we can't help but laugh at."

A spokesperson for the toy company said that they have "loved" to find out about how families react to "Yellies!"

"We’ve loved hearing stories about the different reactions kids and families have had to YELLIES, whether they love the fuzzy little pets that move faster the louder you yell, or are reaching for their ear plugs," a spokesperson for Hasbro said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

"We are sure we have left many parents wondering, what the yell were they thinking?" she added.

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