Country Singer Toby Keith Is Going To Saudi Arabia To Play A Men-Only Concert

President Trump leaves for the country on Friday.

President Trump is headed to Saudi Arabia on Friday, where he's expected to give a speech on Islam.

And so, coincidentally, is country singer Toby Keith. On Saturday, he will perform for an audience filled only with men.

The concert is free and will also feature a person who plays the lute.

A lot of irreverent jokes were made about the performance.

"Saudi? Kinda sounds like howdy, heh" Toby Keith chuckles nervously. The royal family continues to scowl as he sings "I Wanna Fuck My Truck"

@aravosis @TobyKeithMusic Cool, so Pence can attend

This person wanted to donate both the President and the popular singer.

Dear Saudi Arabia, Pleaae keep Toby Keith and Donald Trump for free as a gift from the American people. Thanks, 'Merica.

Someone else brought "Mother Freedom" into the situation.

@aravosis @TobyKeithMusic So while American Soldiers protect our freedoms, Keith'll be singing to men who silence w…

"Oh ok," this person concluded their statement.

When he said "We'll put a boot in your ass", Toby Keith really meant, "We'll play a nice men's only concert w/ an A…

"What genius" asked @maddogg2463.

What genius in the Trump WH thought it was a good idea to have Trump attend a 'Men Only' Toby Keith concert in Saudi Arabia?

(There's no indication Trump is actually going to the concert.)


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