These Are The Funniest Things People Said About NASA's Discovery

"This is my signal: Aliens take me."

After much anticipation, NASA made a significant announcement on Wednesday — no, not aliens, sorry.

Waiting for the #NASA press conference like.

Seven Earth-sized planets are orbiting Trappist-1, a relatively close star. Each one might contain water.

These 7 Earth-sized planets were seen by @NASASpitzer around a nearby, ultra-cool dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1:…

People had jokes about the Trappist-1 system.

"Makes you think."

Future releases two albums in two weeks and we discover 7 new planets in the TRAPPIST system makes you think

One person called dibs on "planet G."

.@NASA dibs on planet G. that place looks dope.

NASA: We discovered some new planets Earthlings: Yay NASA: But we can’t get there Earthlings: Ohhh Planets: W…

And one person envisioned how the news might be conveyed to President Trump.

Someone at NASA right now is trying to explain what they've found to the President

Others weren't surprised.

Me when NASA said there's another 7 planets

The dominant response to NASA's announcement: Let's go.

NASA: There might be other habitable planets. ME:

Even if it means death.

ME: pls send me to the new planets i want to leave earbth NASA: theyre 40 light years away u'll die before u get there ME: pls send me to th

Or aliens.

YES at NASA serving us new planets. With the way the last year has unfolded, I'm ready for aliens to touch down and…

Some people even appealed to aliens directly.

NASA found a whole solar system that can support life. This is my signal: Aliens please take me

Student exchange?

If anyone on the other planets is reading this I'm down to do a student exchange w u, things are actually great on earth so it's a good deal

Just abduct us.

NASA: announces existence of 7 Earth-like planets Me:

People are ready.

nasa: confirms 7 earth-like planets me: (rips my shirt. i've been wearing golden uniform for 20 yrs now. it's time. it's time to boldly go)

Time to make a call.

I know who to call to get us to these planets

Bye, Earth!

Me deserting Earth and moving to one of those 7 planets NASA just discovered


"NASA found seven planets that are similar to earth and three of them are most likely habitable"


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