This Woman's Wig Did Not Turn Out As She Expected. Now People Are Sharing Their Own Wig Fails.

“I put the wig on and I was like, ‘wow,’” the 21-year-old told BuzzFeed News.

Leekeasha Venius, 21, from West Palm Beach, Florida, bought a white bob wig last-minute for a black cat costume.

Venius tried the wig about two hours before she intended to go out, and she was not about it.

“I put the wig on and I was like, ‘wow,’” Venius told BuzzFeed News in an interview on Tuesday.

Wearing the bob, she filmed herself and her unimpressed expression.

“Y’all I’m upset I really thought I was gonna fuck em up with this one,” Venius wrote on Twitter, posting the documentation of her gazing unhappily into the camera while donning the messy, white bob.

Y'all I'm upset I really thought I was gonna fuck em up with this one

Venius told BuzzFeed News that she was “dying” from the hilarity of the look.

Someone even turned her series of video clips into a comic strip, which was her favorite outcome of going viral.

“It was just so funny,” she said of the illustration titled “Expectation vs Reality.”

made a comic from @_KeashaSaidSo’s video because it’s just a mood of gargantuan proportions😩

In response to the wig fail, a bunch of people responded with their own faux-hair disappointments. Like this woman, who appears not happy with her purple wig:

@_KeashaSaidSo Did you get it at Walmart?? Cause Walmart did me dirty asf 🙃

And this person, whose baby-blue bob was less than neat:

@_KeashaSaidSo @sincere_smiley

“Same,” this person responded.

The caption over the videos reads: “I need to talk to whoever made this.”

“I feel this on every level,” another woman responded, posting a photo of herself in a purple wig.

@_KeashaSaidSo I feel this on every level

“Literally ME,” another woman responded, smiling in her frizzy black bob.

“Same,” this dude said, posting footage of himself in a very wild mullet.

So many people were like:

@savannahaydon @_KeashaSaidSo @racquelwilson0

@_KeashaSaidSo Don’t even get me started on the back

People also compared Venius to George Washington and to the dude on the Quaker Oats label.

“I thought it was hilarious,” Venius said of all of the responses to her tweet.

“Especially the whole George Washington thing. I definitely did look like George Washington.” She said that her coworkers are encouraging her to wear the wig on Halloween on Wednesday.

“I think I am going to go as George Washington or as the Quaker Oaks guy,” Venius said.

“The founding father jumped out,” this person wrote on Twitter.

@_KeashaSaidSo The founding father jumped out 😂

Happy Halloween!


"I dressed up as a clown since everyone took me for a joke," Venius told BuzzFeed News on Halloween.

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