Someone Transformed An Important Soviet Symbol Into A Spongebob Character

Goodbye Soviet star, hello Patrick star.

A Soviet star in Russia has been transformed into Patrick Star, the beloved best friend from Spongebob SquarePants, by a vandal, CNN reported.

Someone vandalized A Soviet Star In Russia and turned it into Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants!

In the town of Voronezh, the otherwise grey top of a city center building is bright with the pink of Patrick.

The Soviet starfish resembles the cartoon character closely, although, the painter(s) did act with creative liberty. In this rendition, Patrick appears to be missing his pronounced belly button and fierce eyebrows.

Soviet star turns into Patrick Star from SpongeBob in Voronezh, #Russia #Grassroots #Decommunization

It will cost around $1,500 for the city to restore the star to its Patrick-less condition, CNN reported.

An investigation has been launched to catch the perpetrators, and, if brought to justice, they will foot the bill.

The reaction in the town is mixed. Some call it art, others, vandalism.

On Twitter in the US, however, the feedback is largely positive. "OMG. Some genius vandalized a Soviet star in Russia and made it look like Patrick from Spongebob," one person applauded.

Omg some genius vandalized a soviet star in Russia and made it look like Patrick from Spongebob

"Need more Spongebob and Patrick, less Donald Trump and Putin," someone else remarked.

Need more Spongebob & Patrick less Donald Trump & Putin

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