This Girl Decorated Every Page Of A Bible For Her Boyfriend

"I figured a Bible would be a cute, really pure gift."

Meet Reagan Lee, 16, and Garrett Chisum, 18, a couple from Georgia.

Reagan Lee

Lee told BuzzFeed News that early on in their relationship she was going through "tough times."

So Chisum gave her his personal Bible and highlighted one of the pair's favorite verses.

That was a moment of inspiration for Lee, who set out on a major labor of love: personalizing and illustrating a full Bible for Chisum.

"I figured a Bible would be a cute, really pure gift," she said. "And knowing my boyfriend, I knew he would love it even more if I customized it."

So she did.

Reagan Lee


Reagan Lee


Reagan Lee


Reagan Lee

When Lee shared photos of the finished Bible on Twitter, people were overwhelmed by the effort.

my bf said he wanted a bible for Christmas so i spent 3 months decorating every. single. page. happy with how it tu…

"Dude...this is love," one person said.

@reaganlee17 @kcaroline95 dude....this is love

Some people pointed out their favorite additions.

@reaganlee17 this is very awesome!!! That Matthew chapter 7 picture for hypocritical judgement was so good! Lol

But most people just called it "beautiful."

Lee said she got "a lot of negativity" from people because she drew on a Bible. But overall there was "much, much more support" for the project.

Most importantly: Her boyfriend loved it.

Reagan Lee