This Dog Who Lost Her Puppies Is So Excited To Be Caring For These Orphaned Puppies

“It’s amazing how much they helped her heal.”

Meet Daisy Woodruff, an absolutely perfect doggo. She lives in Roseburg, Oregon.

Daisy Woodruff

Her mom, Jessica Woodruff, told BuzzFeed News that Daisy lost all seven of her "beautiful puppies" three weeks after giving birth to them. They died in a barn fire on Monday, Feb. 20. "We tried to run to the barn but it was too late. We had to hold Daisy as she tried to run into [it]," Woodruff said.

Jessica Woodruff

After the fire, her dog wasn't the same.

"Daisy wasn't really eating, was walking down to the barn whining and sitting down," Woodruff said. "My heart broke for this new mom — that's all she wanted."

To help Daisy overcome her loss, Woodruff began a search for foster puppies. Eventually, she heard from Lorna Murphy.

Daisy Woodruff

Murphy's dog of five years, Chloe, died shortly after giving birth, leaving her eight puppies without a mom. Murphy called Woodruff.

Murphy told BuzzFeed News that she felt the situation was "fate."

That Friday after the fire, Daisy began to care for Chloe's puppies. Murphy said that Daisy let the eight orphans nurse "right away."

Daisy Woodruff

It's a temporary arrangement. Once the pups are weaned, they'll return home.

Safe to say, the puppies are making Daisy feel a lot better.

Daisy Woodruff

"[She] is so much more herself," said Woodruff.

Daisy no longer visits the barn and is fully caring for the puppies by nursing and cleaning them.

"It's amazing how much they helped her heal," Woodruff said.

Jessica Woodruff

Just look at her happy face!

Jessica Woodruff



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