This Dad's Photo Of His Daughter's Last Eyelash After Cancer Treatments Is Incredibly Moving

"Maybe this one lash is a sign..."

This is Hayley Brown, a 7-year-old from Melbourne, Australia.

This is Hayley with her father, Andrew Brown. In June, she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor, reported Kidspot. / Via Facebook: andrewbrowncomedianactor

The father and daughter have an incredibly close relationship. "Someone woke up from a nightmare," Brown posted on Facebook. "Luckily I had Hayley there for comfort."

Andrew Brown / Via Facebook: andrewbrowncomedianactor

Currently, Hayley is undergoing eight months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Early in the treatment, Hayley lost her hair, but not her striking lashes. However, these too have now been affected.

Brown told Kidspot that, for Hayley, they were a point of envy.

“Right through people, including her older sister, always said how jealous they were of her beautiful big eyelashes," he said.

On Sunday, Brown posted this photo on Facebook of the last of them. He wrote, "That one last eyelash has been hanging on, on its own, for a few weeks now."

Andrew Brown / Via Facebook: andrewbrowncomedianactor

This last lash fell out after three weeks, according to Kidspot.

People responded with words of support for Hayley. "Beautiful photo. Stay strong, best is yet to come," someone commented.

"What a brave and wonderful little girl - she will fight this! Hang on," another encouraged.

Others suggested this last lash meant something more. "Maybe this one lash is a sign to let you all know she is holding on to fight it," one person wrote.

Although sentiments varied, it was clear that all commenters were touched by the post. "May they grow back lush," this person wished.

Brown told BuzzFeed News he's been "extremely overwhelmed by the internet response."

And added, "thank you to everyone sending their love and thoughts to my girl."

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