This Teen Joined A Women's March In Her Hospital

"This is beautiful. Keep fighting."

Allie Oetken is a 19-year-old from California who has had Ewing's sarcoma, a rare bone cancer, for over two years.

Allie Oetken

In November, she celebrated clear scans with her mom on ATVs in Hawaii. "Everything had been going well until about two weeks ago," Oetken told BuzzFeed News.

Allie Oetken

Oetken is now at City of Hope, a cancer hospital, for stage IV Ewing's sarcoma metastasized to the skull. "I've been in the hospital mostly for pain management while we figure out what the plan is moving forward," she said.

Allie Oetken

Oetken, post-diagnosis but pre-chemotherapy, around the time of her high school graduation.

Oetken was disappointed when, on Saturday, she couldn't attend the Women's March with her friends in LA. She wanted to "protest the new president" and what she called his "gross rhetoric and behavior."

But in the midst of her sadness, the teen heard chanting from a fellow patient and she joined her.

After making an extra sign for Oetken, the women traveled the hospital floor with their IV poles and nurses.

Allie Oetken

"It was important to me because I felt such solidarity with women that day, obviously the ones who marched with me, but all over," Oetken said.

When the teen shared photos of the mini march on Twitter, people were incredibly touched.

couldn't make it the LA march today so we had to do our own protest around the hospital (only got 1 floor– we tried…

One person described it as "beautiful" and another "pure."

@bleachweather, @CynthiaMx.

"Queen," someone else said.

Others sent well wishes.

And a whole lot of love.

@allieoets I love you so much for this thank you, thank YOU

And the size of the march didn't have an impact on the power of the experience. Oetken called it "indescribable."

Allie Oetken