People Are Laughing At What These Parents Gave To Their Kid's Teachers As A Christmas Gift

"Teachers he hadn’t had yet would say things to me," the student's mother told BuzzFeed News.

Meet the Sommers family from Dayton, Ohio. From left to right is Jake, 14, DJ, 19, and Sarah, 17. All three of them went to the same Catholic school and this is Jake's final year. "I think they’ll be happy to have the Sommers family out of that school," their mother, Mary, joked to BuzzFeed News.

Mary and her husband, Paul, wanted to give their son's teachers an appropriate parting gift this Christmas. "He's been there a long time," the mom stressed. She decided on bottles of chardonnay, but not just any bottles.

She completed them with a special label: "Our child might be the reason you drink," it reads. "So enjoy this bottle on us."

"The teachers deserve the wine, that’s all I’m going to say," Mary said. "None of the teachers were shocked by it."

Jake, who said that he is sometimes told by his teachers to "hush or be quiet," was not insulted by the wine gift. "I thought it was funny," he said.

"He knows he’s that kid," his mom added.

When BuzzFeed News asked if Jake was a "class clown," the eighth grader said it was an accurate description. His mom, however, corrected her son, saying he was more like the "school clown." Mary said that Jake's reputation began in kindergarten, and has followed him ever since. "Teachers he hadn’t had yet would say things to me," Mary said.

Mary helped Jake deliver the wine and said that the teachers loved the gift.

"They all thought it was hilarious," she said.

On Twitter, people also loved it after Jake's older brother, DJ, posted photos of the bottles. "I am way surprised," Mary said of the tweet's popularity. "The kids are not. I guess I’m not hip enough to realize what’s cool on social media these days."


Someone asked a question.

And an apparent teacher approved.

Even childless people loved the gesture.

Someone else thought a keg might have been better than a bottle.

Anyway, happy holidays, teachers!

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