The Kid Who Asked Wendy's For Free Nuggets Is Getting Them And Everyone Is Freaking Out

How does this make you feel?

In early April, a teen named Carter Wilkerson asked the internet to help him get free nuggets for a year.

Carter was soon competing with Ellen DeGeneres for the most retweeted tweet of all time.

If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars

DeGeneres even confronted the teen in person about his attempt to overshadow her.

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On Tuesday, Nugget Boy's plea for a year of free nuggets officially became the most retweeted tweet ever.

Congratulations to @carterjwm who just broke @TheEllenShow's record for most retweeted tweet on @Twitter…

Wendy's congratulated him.

.@carterjwm is now the most retweeted tweet of all-time. That’s good for the nuggets, and $100k to @DTFA. Consider…

And someone had a question.

@Wendys @carterjwm @DTFA So... He gets the nuggets?

"He gets them nuggs," Wendy's replied.

@MineTimelapser @carterjwm @DTFA He gets them nuggs

Neither Carter nor Wendy's immediately responded to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.

One person said that this is what the so-called American dream looks like in our era.

@Wendys @carterjwm @DTFA This is the 21st Century American Dream

A historic moment.

@Wendys @carterjwm @DTFA This will go down in history people. THIS! Let that sink in...

People marveled at their role in the narrative.

@Wendys @carterjwm @DTFA Im apart of history

This person said Carter didn't deserve to get the nugs, since the tweet didn't reach 18 million.

So he failed and still got the nuggets. Participation trophy syndrome strikes again.


@Wendys @carterjwm @DTFA In the future when people study the evolution of social media, they will look back on this and wonder why

This will be studied, someone said.

@Wendys @carterjwm @DTFA I cant wait for this to be in history textbooks


@Wendys @carterjwm @DTFA Born too late to explore the earth. Born too early to explore the universe. Born just in t…

It's over.

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