These Costumes Are As Weird As This Election Cycle

Obi-Wan Kenboni, Hillary-Harley, and deleted emails.

This Halloween, some people opted for a creative approach to candidate costumes. Like this woman, with her Hillary-Harley mashup.

Or this 10-year-old, with his take on Donald Trump.

Others embodied the many ~scandals~ of this election cycle: Hillary Clinton's deleted emails.

I'm Hillary Clinton's 33000 deleted emails

The leaked Access Hollywood tape.

And who could forget the taco bowl tweet?

Or Clinton's characterization of Trump supporters?

Others channeled the election's many personalities, like Tomi Lahren.

I wanted to be something scary for Halloween so I dressed up as @TomiLahren 🇺🇸

And, of course, Ken Bone.

So. Many. Ken. Bones.

Eight days until we find out who's president!

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