People Are So Impressed By These Teens Who Truly Supported Each Other In Class

"Lean on me, when you're not strong."

Meet 18-year-olds Benjamin "Luke" Dyess and Shemar Gyce. During the fall semester, they were in the same US history class at East Texas Baptist University.

During one particular nap, the teens found themselves in an incredibly intimate situation. THIS.

"At first I was sleeping on the desk and he lied his head down and I lied my head back and I wasn’t on his head and I guess my head ended up further back," said Shemar.

"I didn’t really know him that much, but I found out his name during the semester," said Luke.

Roger Strand, 19, who told BuzzFeed News that he knows the teens better than they know each other, captured the moment.

He said that he decided to post the saved Snapchat pics on Monday because everyone was tweeting about finals.

I'm pretty sure they don't even know each other #FinalsWeek

People were instantly inspired by the unity.

This unity made me so happy. It's like "nigga you tired, I'm tired, we both tired. Lay ya head on me and Ima lay mi…

And support.

Me tryna support my friends and their dreams

People alluded to the classic song "Lean On Me."

Lean on me,when youre not strong & I'll be your friend I'll help you carry on For it wont be long Til Im gonna…

This person wondered how the situation was resolved.

@Lilrednation_1 See I was thinking up scenarios where the guy under u wakes up but doesn't know what to do so just…

The teens said that the memory of the nap's ending is hazy. “I don’t remember it exactly. But it was most likely a silent agreement like ok — I’m good," said Luke, the nap's foundation.

"I think I woke up before him," said Shemar.

Only Shemar had seen evidence of the nap before it went viral. "I didn’t know it would ever resurface," said Shemar.

"I'm shook that [Roger] would do me like this," he wrote on Twitter.

I'm shook that @rogerstrand97 would do me like this😂

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