This Teacher Said It Was "Instinct" To Respond To Jake Paul's Teacher Diss Track With A Diss Track

"It definitely got to me," the teacher said of Jake Paul's song.

It was Teacher Appreciation Week when teacher Matt Preston, aka rapper "m.a.double," watched YouTuber Jake Paul's teacher diss track. Preston told BuzzFeed News that once he saw the thumbnail on YouTube, he expected that it was going to be a "tribute" to those in his profession.

It was not that. "Why don’t you tell us some shit that we’re actually gonna use in our real lives?” Paul says in the beginning of the music video that features Lil Tay and has over 8 million views. Then the song begins: "Look, I'm a millionaire," Paul says, "but I ain't used nothin' in my life that the teachers taught me."

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Preston, who lives in Abilene, Texas, is a special education inclusion teacher at Hawley High School in Texas. He also coaches for the football, basketball, and golf teams.

He told BuzzFeed News that his favorite part about his work is "the ability to really influence and impact a kid who may not have [support] at home."

"It definitely got to me," Preston said of the video. "And it may have frustrated me more just because of what I was expecting."

The teacher, who has been rapping since high school, said that his decision to make a diss track in response to the diss track was "instinct."

“As soon as I heard his song, it was kind of instinct in me. I just knew I had to respond," Preston said.

The video starts with m.a.double watching Paul's video in a classroom at the high school.

The teacher says his first line in front of a whiteboard: "Hey, I make about 35K a year, son."

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"My students know I got they back / So don't be dissing me just 'cause your teacher was wack," he continues.

Later he tells Paul not to "belittle" his influence: "Just because you show up on their screen / Don't belittle my influence and ability to intervene."

Filming the video was a schoolwide project, Preston said.

"Those are all high school teachers at Hawley and the students in it are actual students," he said of those featured in the video. With it being the last week of school, he added, "nobody was really doing anything too important."

“Our computer teacher used to work for a broadcast company, so he has experience shooting video. So he helped out a ton," Preston said.

The video features a lot of faculty looking directly into the camera — presumably at Paul:

At least one Paul has apparently watched the teacher's video — Jake Paul's older brother, Logan Paul, called the song "amazing."

Preston said that he's not sure if Jake Paul has listened to his song, but he hopes the YouTuber does. Either way, he's content with the response the video has received.

"If this is all that comes of it, that’s great," the educator said.

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