A High Schooler Drew A "Super Smash Bros." Logo On A Whiteboard. Then Authorities Investigated It.

"The statement on the board was merely a statement of anticipation for the release of this new video game."

Rumors swirled about a potential school shooting at East Clinton High School in Sabina, Ohio, after a student drew a logo of a video game on a whiteboard, which his classmates misinterpreted as a threat, according to a report from the Clinton County Sheriff's Office obtained by BuzzFeed News.

A student wrote "Dec. 7th Time to [Super Smash Bros. logo]" on a classroom whiteboard leading up to the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Friday.

After the logo appeared two days in a row, four female students went to speak to the school's principal, Kerri Matheny. In an email to BuzzFeed News, the superintendent said that the symbol was written on the board on Nov. 29th and 30th.

Matheny spoke with the student responsible for writing the phrase. He explained to her that he "did not mean to cause an alarm" and that it was a symbol from the video game. The principal then told the "four girls the same information and advised she thought the incident was done."

However, rumors spread, according to the sheriff's office report. Eventually, gossip "turned into all the students telling each other that [redacted] said on December 7, 2018, that he would shoot up the school."

On Wednesday, the superintendent of the district, Eric Magee, told the high school's resource officer, David Boris, about an email he received that said "some student was threatening to shoot the school."

In turn, the school resource officer interviewed the student who drew the Smash Bros. logo, who according to the incident report said that "he know[s] everyone thinks he [is] weird but he would never hurt anyone."

The school resource officer concluded that the student was only referencing the video game. On Wednesday, the superintendent wrote a letter (which has since gone viral on Twitter) to students and parents, saying that the "threat is nothing more than a rumor."

"The statement on the board was merely a statement of anticipation for the release of this new video game," Magee said.

this is a real document sent out to everyone that attends my school

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