The Newest SpongeBob Meme Is Really Good And Here Are Some Of The Best Ones

The perfect meme to show how we all feel after doing none of the things we're supposed to do.

Earlier this month, the meme world was blessed with "evil Patrick" and "Chum Bucket vs. the Krusty Krab." Now, SpongeBob has birthed yet another classic meme. Meet naked, weary SpongeBob — who is being used to illustrate the feeling of sweet, exhaustive relief.

Me after finishing my homework while the teacher is collecting it

The little sponge is also helping people show how they feel after doing the absolute bare minimum, like having a brief conversation with people who they don't fully fuck with.

Me after having a 1 minute 14 seconds conversation with anyone other than the two people I'm able to socialise with

Or after you do just the smallest of tasks successfully.

Me after getting out of bed for 15 seconds to plug my charger into my phone

Or when you really do nothing at all.

Me after my 50minute class I spent entirely on my phone

Or when you just consider doing that work you know you have to do.

Me after looking @ my untouched homework

Got 2 start somewhere.

me after writing my name down on my homework

Me after detangling 1/4 sections of my hair

This one's fair.

me after making a simple phone call

Or even when you're just doing the work of reminding yourself of the shit you have to do but haven't yet done.

me after pressing “remind me tomorrow” on updates for the 5th time this week

Anyway — life is hard, at least we have memes.

me after I see there's yet another spongebob meme to keep track of

Me: I should change my bed sheets Me after changing one pillow case:

Me after making this content.

Enjoy your life!

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