This Student Had To Draw A Spider In His Biology Class And People Can't Handle How Bad It Is

"Pray for my boyfriend."

Meet Bernardo Almonte, a 19-year-old from New Jersey, and his girlfriend, Melissa Vazquez.

The pair have dated for over a year. "We like to joke around and play around," Almonte told BuzzFeed News.

On Monday, Almonte's biology class was told to draw and label the ~parts~ of different animals. He was supposed to draw a spider.

Here's how it turned out:


According to Almonte, his classmates and professor laughed at his drawing.

His girlfriend dragged him on Twitter, asking for prayers. "As soon as I saw it I knew I had to share it because I knew I wasn't the only one who would find his drawing funny," she said.

Y'all .. pray for my boyfriend.. ain't nothing wrong with him just.. he had to draw this spider for class and...

On Twitter, lots of people called out the awful artists in their lives.

"This you in art?"

"This is my boyfriend's drawing of a horse."

@Meliv22 this is my boyfriend's drawing of a horse 🙃

Others were just done.

But one person said, hey, maybe it's a stylistic choice.

When asked what learned from the assignment, Almonte responded, "That I am the worst drawer in the class."

But the criticism hasn't dampened Almonte's artistic spirit. He drew this of his girlfriend on Tuesday.

Never stop drawing, Almonte.

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